Updated blocklist export for crowdsec

Updated blocklist export for crowdsec

Crowdsec just released a new bouncer for users who use firewalls that can import IP lists.

The blocklist is easy to install. I run Ubuntu so I ran:

sudo apt install crowdsec-blocklist-mirror

Then I edited the configuration file:

sudo nano /etc/crowdsec/bouncers/crowdsec-blocklist-mirror.yaml

The server i use to export the blocklist is behind a firewall and i want other machines in my network to be able to download the list. Therefore I changed this line




That makes the service listen to all the IPs that server have.

I then ran sudo service crowdsec-blocklist-mirror restart  to restart the blocklist bouncer.

In my fortigate i changed the url for the blocklist to http://server-IP:41412/security/blocklist and it worked!

Good job crowdsec team!